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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Why Blogging is Gaining Momentum

When crows have passion and desire to attain something, they put their minds to work, they overcome challenges. When it comes to people possessing passions, these individuals always know more than the average person lacking the said passion. Why do passionate people know more? Are people as smart as crows? I sure hope so.

Human nature makes people yearn for new information all the time. The human brain is incredibly complex and incredibly adaptive. How does a species become so advanced, like humans? We learn... At an incredibly fast pace. Over a period of time we watch things, we store observations and ideas. Eventually, with enough information, we begin to think of these situations; sometimes in a different light than what was done before. We become innovative and design better ways to do things. The telephones we use today aren't the same as the one Alexander Graham Bell invented in 1876. Which brings us to hockey.

Fans have been watching hockey for a while now. The statistics people generally use to evaluate players are goals, assists, and points. After watching hockey for a century, people are finally starting to think bigger, think outside the box. Fans of the game have a desire to find new ways to evaluate players. A desire to know more.

People have become innovative and creative. Fans have started creating new stats to track. Stats that go more in depth than ever before. Some stats developed are used by NHL coaches. The new knowledge feeds people, while keeping them hungry for more. All of this is relatively new, these advanced statistics, but curiosity has caused fans to read more about them. This certain buzz has helped blogging take off. Bloggers are fans of the game like everyone else, even though they don't watch it. The most successful bloggers generally embrace advanced statistics, too. The bloggers are pretty much building the bridge that is advanced statistics for the common fan. The common fan is intrigued by this, thus reading the blogger. 

Don't get me wrong, blogging isn't all about advanced statistics. Other reasons why it has seen success is because of the interaction with fans, the fun aspects of it. Doing fantasy sports and playoff pools generate interest and views. Podcasts have become really popular. The other element is criticism. Bloggers aren't afraid of ripping on anyone in the hockey world. What are the consequences for it? The old boys club of owners and managers already loath them, except for the LA Kings. Bloggers call a spade a spade. There is much less artificial information in blogging than in main stream.

Blogging has a style of writing different than that of newspaper journalists. It is more informal, creative, informative and innovative. Bloggers try looking at things differently. They rely on their writing being unique to generate views. Why is their writing different than a guy who has a newspaper gig? The newspaper guy has no need to look at things going against general consensus. He just sticks to what has been done since 1910 and collects his pay cheque. Don't step on anyone's toes inside the game and you might get a rumour tip. All that is fine and dandy, but, speaking for myself, I am a little underwhelmed by that. I have a desire for something that takes me more in-depth.

The internet is a big old fishbowl of information. All it takes is to type in a key word on the old Google and you will find millions of websites. The ever expanding internet popularity and growth has made news coverage shift. More and more people go online for their info and this has helped vault blogging into the picture. Speed, validity, and consistency of new info are pretty much the three main areas that people appreciate in sports these days. With the internet, those guys in their moms' basement have been able to cover the 3 areas, and that is a good thing. Blogging has become a mainstay in reading for me and many others. I hope it stays that way because it has taught me many things, made me keep an open mind, and has made the game of hockey much more enjoyable to read about.

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